Quick Lube Run

I just had a Quick Lube Run today, more for the legs and joints remembering how to move and run. No point in pushing things so close before the HM.

I forgot how HOT it is to run during the day in the summer. The run was pretty short, just +10mins but after the run I sweat more than on a long run in total.

All set for the HM now.

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Short session of Speedwork.

With only so few days to go for the Cadbury HM, I didn’t want to do too long and intense session – so I decided to skip the PRG Running Sessions tonight and do my own speedwork session instead.

I ran ~10min warmup from home to the Cenotaph and then did six repeats of 500m @ 2min pace followed up with 1:30min rest. Then, ran back home as a cool down run.

I felt really good, it was nice to notice that I could keep up a consistent 4min/K pace for the 500m repeats, on my own. I’ve noticed earlier that the speed sessions are the sessions that are best done in a group.

I am going to take the remaining days before the HM rather easy, just going to do a short 4-5K run tomorrow Thursday, just to keep legs ticking and turning. Then, rest and no rins on Friday and Saturday.

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The 1st Long Run for 2011.

Just had my very 1st Long Run for the 2011. I decided to take it easy, considering that the Cadbury Half Marathon is only one week away. What a lovely weather, almost too warm but not quite. I ran from home across the bridge and up the river past Lindisfarne and the Anzac Park. Just a lovely run.

My parents, who I haven’t seen in years are staying with us. They were very much amazed about the fact that “I just went out for a 16k run” – felt good to be considered as a Superman!

Seems that the Christmas and the NYE season have somehow added few kilos around the waist area. These kilos need to come off rather soon, at the latest for the Hobart Bridge Run. Eat sensibly!

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PRG Training

My legs feel really sore after yesterday’s 6K race. The hamstrings feel tight and painful when trying to stretch.

I decided to ran from home to the Crossroads where we start our PRG training sessions. The first part – again downhill- was ok, but the last part of the little 2.7K dash was pure pain, steep 300m ascent to the Glebe. And it was hot, no wind and the sun was baking my back and the tarmac.

At the PRG, we ran rather casually down the Soldiers Walk and then back up, returning to the grassy ovals at the Crossroads. Then, we did five repeats of (about) 300m rather full on speedwork followed by maybe 1min recovery. I paired up with Mick, who is only 50% faster gun, and my hammies were screaming. Then, we had a casual run up the Domain hill and back. Time for the run back home. Legs felt a bit less sore, maybe the speedwork loosened them up. The Melville Street ascent was still tough as hell on legs.

For some reason, the lime flavoured beer tasted particularly good after the PRG session and run home.


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Race to the Taste.

The Hartz Race to the Taste was on this morning. The race is joyfully described as “..a leisurely 6km fun run or walk that is mostly downhill..” – however IMHO the run was extremely tough, nothing leisurely about running downhill as FAST as you are able to.

For me, this race was just a practise/training run – not a major race on my calendar.

Pre-Race Routine

  • 6:00 am – Wake up. 1 serving of oatmeal with honey and cinnamon. Down with big glass of Berocca and a small Milo coffee.
  • 6.30 am – Can’t remember if the race bibs were supposed to be mailed or what’s the go and which mailing address I used for the online race entry. Walk down to the mailbox, to see if the race bib has been mailed to home address – no. Drive to the Post Office, to check if the bib has been mailed to my PO Box – nope.
  • 7:00 am – Start making a warm bath, for a nice pre-race morning lull.
  • 7:05 am – Let considerable amount of HOT water out of the bath, and mix in cold water. Enjoy the bath.
  • 7:30 am – Gearing up. The new HTC Legend seems to be much bigger than my old mobile phone and fills up the Nike Arm Wallet thinggie, leaving no room for the bulky car key. New shoes feel good, this will be my 2nd run with the new Brooks Adrenaline GTS11‘s.
  • 8:00 am – Arrival at the Domain Athletic Centre. Thank god, the race number bibs are here. Meeting Steve W, Pete and Mick at the queue for the bibs. Feeling a bit croaky and slimy lungs. Mornings are not my best running times.
  • 8:30 am – Few laps warmup and stretching. Few strides and check that the Polar foot pod works ok. Meeting with Luke and Madeleine.
  • 8:45 am – Visit to the rest room to lighten the load.
  • 8:50 am – Lining up at the starting line.
  • 09:00 – Go!


6.16km @ 26:55 = 4:22/km.


I ran the 1K and 2K a bit too fast, got carried away in the race start rush. The 4K was a real struggle, had to dig really deep to keep up the pace. The 5K and 6K were smoother but I could feel that the too fast start was taking its toll.

Lessons Learned

  1. Longer warmup for 5K and 6K races is a MUST!
  2. 5-6K race is NOTHING like a 10K race, at all. Much higher tempo, from the beginning to the end. The pacing is crucial.
  3. Need much more speed work in training.

Next Race – Cadbury Half Marathon.

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