PRG Training

My legs feel really sore after yesterday’s 6K race. The hamstrings feel tight and painful when trying to stretch.

I decided to ran from home to the Crossroads where we start our PRG training sessions. The first part – again downhill- was ok, but the last part of the little 2.7K dash was pure pain, steep 300m ascent to the Glebe. And it was hot, no wind and the sun was baking my back and the tarmac.

At the PRG, we ran rather casually down the Soldiers Walk and then back up, returning to the grassy ovals at the Crossroads. Then, we did five repeats of (about) 300m rather full on speedwork followed by maybe 1min recovery. I paired up with Mick, who is only 50% faster gun, and my hammies were screaming. Then, we had a casual run up the Domain hill and back. Time for the run back home. Legs felt a bit less sore, maybe the speedwork loosened them up. The Melville Street ascent was still tough as hell on legs.

For some reason, the lime flavoured beer tasted particularly good after the PRG session and run home.


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